Goals for 2014

I’m not a big one for New Year’s Resolutions but there are several habits that I’ve let slip over the last couple of years and would like to re-establish them for this year.

One is to not only read Scripture each day but also to pray, to reflect, and to write about what I’ve read.

Another is to read a book on theology or Christian living or a devotional in addition to my Bible reading.

One thing I’ve let slip is regular exercise.  I used to walk and do Pilates exercises several times a week.  I’d like to slowly build regular walking into my schedule again both for my health and for thinking/meditating time.  Perhaps I’ll think about adding Pilates back in once I have regular walks going.

I used to read at least one non-fiction book for every two fiction books but in the last couple of years, my non-fiction reading has dwindled to almost nothing so my goal this year is to read at least one non-fiction book for every three fiction books.

If I can re-establish those four habits in my daily life (or every other day for walking) then 2014 will be a productive year in many ways.

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. What did you use for Pilates. I need to work on strength and stretching. I am very stiff. I remember a conversation on Classed about Pilates but I can’t remember what you used.

    And welcome to the blogosphere!! I am so happy you have decided to join.


  2. Cindy, I first started Pilates at our YMCA several years ago. I’m glad I did as the instructor was able to help me with positions so that I was doing it correctly. Doing the exercises correctly is more important than doing lots of them or doing them quickly as it is in the correct position and breathing that you achieve the optimum core strength. I don’t have a Y membership anymore so I’m just going to use the book I own to develop a routine here at home. You just need a mat and a decent amount of floor area. I recommend doing this in a room by yourself if at all possible as I’ve found that teenage boys find the positions rather ridiculous and aren’t afraid to say so. 😉

    Here is the book I use. The explanations and photographs are clear and understandable:

    If you want a video, you could try your local library and look at several to see which is the most helpful. Our library carries at least a dozen different pilates videos.

    Pilates really does help with stiffness. When I first started, I couldn’t even lift my hands over my head while lying down on my back. After just a couple of months, I had full motion in my shoulders and all of the neck-stiffness and pain I had been experiencing was gone. I *really* need to get back to it.

    Thanks for the welcome. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. So far I’ve just been writing whatever comes to mind although I do want to write regular book reviews and/or thoughts on my reading.


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