An overview of my reading life in 2014


One of the things I like most about Goodreads is that I am so much better about keeping track of what I’ve read.  In the past I would jot down a book title and perhaps the author in a notebook but, more often than not, I would forget to write it down, and as a result I never really had a good record of my reading habits.  Regularly adding to Goodreads has changed all that.  Now I know how many books I read and can review my progress from month to month.  Overall 2014 was a good reading year although I can see areas of weakness that I’d like to address in the future.

In 2014 I read 109 books, 10 of which were audiobooks.  I am in the car for several hours a week and listening to audiobooks helps me to redeem that time.  Out of the 109, only ten were non-fiction.  That is the lowest percentage of non-fiction books (only 9% non-fiction!) that I can remember reading for many, many years, and I would like to see that be a much higher percentage.  I started several non-fiction books but didn’t finish them.  A better balance of book types is something to consider as I think about my 2015 reading goals.

I had hoped to read more modern books this year and I did:  13 of the books were published in 2014 and 14 were published in 2013 so 25% of my reading was books published recently.  I want to do the same again this year.

I read part or all of several series, my first graphic novel, a handful of classics, a bunch of World War I fiction (2014 was the centennial of the start of the War to End All Wars), and, as always, lots and lots of mysteries.  Now to go think about what goals I’d like to set for my reading in 2015.


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