Books in 2013

This was not my most successful reading year.  I read a total of 49 books and by tomorrow night, it will be 50.  Working at the library has definitely improved my fiction reading since I receive many good recommendations from fellow librarians as well as see lists of many award winners.  In fact, one of the best books I read in 2013 was on the short list for the Man Booker Prize of 2012, which I might never have read if it hadn’t been on that list.

However, although I read a lot of fiction, some of which was delightful, I definitely did not read enough non-fiction, a lack I mean to remedy in 2014.

In 2013:

I read several classics that I have always meant to read:  Moby Dick, The Good Earth, and Heart of Darkness

I discovered the delights of listening to audiobooks while in the car and listened to several books, including The Help, The End of the Affair, and the first several No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books.  In fact, listening to Moby Dick on audio is how I was finally able to finish this classic by Herman Melville.  I plan to listen to several more classics in 2014.  Listening to good prose on audio allows me to slow down and really savor the language.  I have discovered that an excellent narrator makes all of the difference.

I read Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and plan to read the sequel in 2014.  Reading Wolf Hall reminded me of how much I enjoy historical fiction, especially when it is set in Medieval/Renaissance era England.  I plan to read some more this coming year.

I read three books set in Asia and enjoyed learning about countries about which I previously knew very little.  I plan to find more books on China/Japan to learn more about these ancient cultures.

I read many old Mary Stewart books from the 70’s and plan to read her books on Merlin sometime in the near future.  I’ve always enjoyed books about the Arthurian legends.

I read several Young Adult novels which were good reads but my favorite was The Fault in Our Stars, a moving albeit very sad love story.

Overall I read 40 fiction books and only nine non-fiction books, listened to eight audio books, and re-read three books.

My goal in 2014 is to read a book a week, on average, and to read at least 20 non-fiction books this year.

Tomorrow I will write about my favorite fiction and non-fiction books from 2013.